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1) Some people are just assholes. That is just who they are. Do not try and change them. That is not your job. Just be the best person that you can be. It’ll even the world out a little.

2) Don’t use words that you don’t know the definition of. You’ll end up sounding stupid when you wanted to sound smart. Just look up the definition. Also, learn how to pronounce things. Nothing’s worse than someone that says “supposubly” instead of “supposedly”.

3) Do not trust boys that sweet talk you when they first meet you. When you meet someone you really like for the first time, you’re naturally nervous and awkward around them. Remember that.

4) Don’t listen to people who say “looks don’t matter”. They’re lying. They are liars. Of COURSE looks matter. They drive entire industries, decisions we make, and physical attraction. But they’re still not as important as intelligence or how you treat others.

5) Find something that you’re passionate about and do it forever, all the time. You’ll know you’re passionate about it because you feel the most like yourself when you’re doing it.

6) Sex is great, but the biggest turn on in the world is asking for consent first.

7) Everyone has opinions. The difference between intelligent people and idiots is that the idiots think that all of their opinions are good ones simply becuase they have them, and the intelligent people know that this isn’t true.

8) You’re not better than anyone for drinking tea, wearing vintage clothes, reading classic literature, or watching foriegn movies. Nor are you better than anyone for having special eating habits.

9) I don’t give a fuck if you’re “concerned about their health” or not, stop commenting on people’s weight. Stop. Leave it alone. You have no idea what they’re going through, so mind your own business.

10) Life is a miracle. Not in the theocratic sense, but scientifically. You, your body, the fact you can live and breathe and speak, is literally a biological miracle. Appreciate that fact the next time you complain about something that doesn’t actually matter.


- Ten Words of Advice from a 16 Year Old (via preppylane)

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